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Why Choose Google Suite?

Google has been a trusted name in Internet-related services and products. The fact that it is trusted by many is just one of the myriad reasons to use G Suite. But let us take a look at other equally important benefits that this tool gives us.


Professional e-mail address


Compare johnsmith@gmail.com and johnsmith@mfi.com. There’s really nothing wrong with having an @gmail as work e-mail. But having an @yourcompanydomain e-mail makes your e-mail address more professional looking. If you want to have multiple e-mail aliases, that can be created for any G Suite user as well. Another thing that would make you consider moving to G Suite is e-mail account ownership, which simply means that your organization owns all email accounts of your employees. So if someone wants to leave your company, you can access that person’s e-mail and assign all ownership of all files to another. Or simply suspend access to that account.


Complete Package

Aside from Gmail, the suite includes other useful features for your organization:

Google Calendar makes keeping up with appointments and schedules a lot easier. You can update your calendar straight away because it can be accessed across all devices.

Google Docs lets you write, edit, and collaborate in real time. In other words, aside from being able to create nice documents using smart editing and styling tools, you can also share them with others, and any changes done will be saved in real time.

Google Sheets and Google Slides are like Excel and Power Point, respectively. The same applies here when it comes to saving data in real time. And just like Calendar and Docs, they can be accessed across multiple devices.

Google Forms lets you collect and organize information. It has cool templates that you can use for managing event registrations, preparing a quick poll, creating order forms, and much more. You can also customize forms as needed.

Google Drive is a place where you create, store, and share files, such as the ones that you create with the applications above. And again, the best thing is that everything is accessible through multiple devices. You need a document? Just log into your Google account, and what you need can be accessed at once.


Comfort and Security


Whether you are at the office or at home or anywhere else, you can easily access your files and data anytime. This is comfort at its best. To add to this, you need not fret about your data’s security. Google’s top priority is the safety of your data, which is why it has been trusted by many when it comes to security of their e-mails. Moreover, G Suite offers a particular feature where the admin can implement an important layer of security, the 2-Step Verification.


Cost Efficiency


Starting at just $5/user/month, you can have a very secure professional e-mail through Gmail, video and voice conferencing, smart shared calendars, 24/7 support, 30 GB for file storage and sharing, and so much more!


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